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John, Lorna, Nathan & Jordan in South Africa

South Africa

John and Lorna Abrahamse live in Johannesburg, South Africa with their two children – Jordan and Nathan. Their ministry focus is to grow healthy youth ministries throughout Africa and to assist local churches win youth to Christ, build them to maturity, and equip them for ministry. John provides the primary vision and strategy focus to over a dozen country leaders across the continent in their ministry, “J-life.” They seek to help local churches make disciples just as Jesus modeled.


Advocate: Tucker House Church

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Middle East

Dan, Lisa, and their children are living in the Middle East working under the authority of the Navigators, because of their great love for the Muslim people. They work with a company that employs impoverished people to make handcrafted wood and fabric products that are sold in the world marketplace. This employment helps provide an avenue of economic support and stability for these families as well as providing Dan and Lisa with opportunities to establish relationships and live out their faith as a light into darkness.

Advocate: Widmer House Church
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Steve, Susan, Joshua & Jonathan Vinton


Steve and Susan Vinton are founders of Village Schools International. Steve visits villages in the mountains and remote bush of Tanzania as part of an initiative to develop schools in hard-to-reach places. Those who attend have no other opportunity for education or for hearing the Gospel. We can support them by praying for the students (many are orphans), collecting non-fiction books (reading level 3rd through 8th grade), giving financially, and sending short-term missionaries as teachers.


Advocate: Tu House Church

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Some of our Field Staff are not represented here for their safety in the area where they serve.