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We live in a broken world, and the effects of sin on our lives can leave us feeling alone, confused, and even helpless. At these times, everyone needs someone to come alongside them to speak God’s truth and grace into their lives and their situation. We believe that God’s Word is sufficient to speak into your life exactly where you are with the truth of who God is, who we are, and what Christ has accomplished for us. There is hope. Scripture has provided us with exactly what we need to live a life that is honoring to the God of the universe, and for those who cling to His promises and instructions, there is help. Through experiencing the work of the Wonderful Counselor himself, you will experience healing and restoration in order to pass on the hope you have been given in Christ.


Ready to Get Started?

Please fill out our Personal Data Inventory (PDI) to request counseling. Your confidential PDI will be seen only by the counseling leadership team and your counselor.


The Process

After you submit your PDI, we will contact you within 48 hours to confirm that it has been received. We will consider your responses, and connect you with a counselor. Your counselor will contact you for scheduling. In the first meeting with your counselor, they will spend a few minutes walking you through a few forms (including a consent form for adults and minors) that outline goals, expectations, and commitments of both those giving and receiving counsel.



We provide several different types of counsel, at both of our church locations (North Liberty and Downtown Iowa City) including:

Individual Counseling Grace offers biblical counseling to individuals who need help with the personal issues that they are struggling with. We will ask you to bring an advocate either from the beginning, or early on in the process. These issues may include things like fear, depression, loneliness, anger, addictions, eating disorders, self mutilation or even things like knowing God’s will, suffering and trials.  Individual Counseling would be done by a pastor of Grace, a counselor in training under Pastoral Supervision, or by Holly Smigel, our ministry partner with Journey Counseling Services.
Premarital & Marital Counseling Marriage counseling services at Grace are broken down into two areas; premarital counseling and marital counseling.
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Family Counseling Grace offers counseling for families who are struggling with any myriad of issues from parenting to at risk children in the home to issues with extended family. This family counseling would be done by a Pastor of Grace.
Financial Counseling Grace offers various types of financial counseling for those who are struggling in this area. Whether you struggle with budgeting or you are in deep financial trouble we have people and resources to help you respond biblically to your situation.Financial Classes: Grace Community offers financial classes and seminars through Crown Financial ministries and other resources. Stay tuned for information on the next class that will start.Individual Financial CounselingGrace also offers individual financial counseling for those individuals or couples who are really struggling with their finances. You will meet with a trained financial counselor who will not only teach you the proper theology of finances but will give you great tools and accountability to help you get your finances back in order.


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