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Treasure April 2017 – June 2017 Daniel Sep/2016 – April 2017 Easter 2017 Sermons Not in a Series – Various Dates and Scriptures Heart Check Jan/2017
Prince of Peace Dec/2016 Discipleship Nov/2016 Compass May/2016 – Aug/2016 The Gospel of John Jan/2015 – May/2016 Worship Life Apr/2015 – May/2015
Advent Nov/2014 – Dec/2014 Hard to Believe Sep/2014 – Nov/2014 Colossians Feb/2014 – Aug/2014 Acts Sept/2013 – Feb/2014 Various Scriptures Aug/2013
Boots on the Ground Boots on the Ground The Abiding Life
Genesis 1-11 Feb/2013 – July/2013 The Book of Luke Aug/2010 – Dec/2012 Various Scriptures Jun/2010 1 John and Various Scriptures Nov/2009 – Jun/2010 Various N.T. Scriptures Aug/2009-Oct/2009
Brokennes, Road to Renewal Faith In Action A Living Sacrifice Encountering Christ In Real Life Romans 9-11: God's Sovereignty and the Believer's Security
Various Scriptures Jul/2009-Aug/2009 Revelation 1-3 Jun/2010 – Aug/2010 Romans 12-16 Feb/2009 – Jul/2009 Various N.T. Scriptures Oct/2008 – Feb/2009 Romans 9-11 Aug/2008-Sept/2008
Nehemiah: Rebuilding a City For the Glory of God The Full Armor of God Romans 5-8: Benefits of the Gospel Lessons on Grace: A Study on Jonah Demonstration of Love
Nehemiah 1-10 Jun/2008-Aug/2008 Ephesians 6 Mar/2008-Jun/2008 Romans 5-8 Oct/2007 – Mar/2008 The Book of Jonah Aug/2007 – Sep/2007 John 17-20 Mar/2007 – Apr/2007
Declared Righteous: A Study in the Life of Abraham Romans 3-5: How The Gospel Saves Romans 1-3: Why We Need The Gospel Trusting the Bible The Lord's Prayer
Genesis 12-24 May/2007 – Aug/2007 Romans 3-5 Dec/2006 – Mar/2007 Romans 1-3 Oct/2006 – Dec/2006 Various Texts Oct/2002 – Nov/2002 Matthew 6:9-13 Jun/2001-Aug/2001