Text To Give


How to get started:

  • Go into your text messaging app.
  • Type “84321” in as the recipient.
  • Type your dollar amount in the message body and hit send.
  • The first time you text to give, you will select Grace Community Church, enter your payment information (or select an existing method-if you already do online giving with us) and viola! Done.

How does text to give work?

• Text-to-Give gives you a convenient, lightning fast way to give. It will take you about 2 minutes to set it up and you can attach any payment method used by Giving, including bank accounts for ACH donations. There’s no app to download, no big setup forms, and no hoops to jump through.

• A Text-to-Give account is established by having three verified and active elements tied together:



Still not sure about it… watch Planning Center Giving’s (our vendor) video…


Is it secure?

  • Yes, Planning Center Giving uses the most secure log-in with password-less security, which allows you to login in simply and securely every time to check on your giving. Text to give is no different. It’s guaranteed secure.

Need a refund?

  • You can text “REFUND” to the same number (84321) within 30 minutes of donating to initiate a refund if you made a mistake.

You still have more questions?

  • Contact the Grace Office at (319) 626.2040 or email us and we will help you out!